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Australian Nursing Practice
Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing

Hybrid Delivery with OSCE Preparation

  • Delivery Mode: Hybrid mode (Online + On campus combination)

  • Accreditation: TEQSA

  • AQF Level: 08

  • Course Duration: 26 Weeks

  • CRICOS Course Code: 107773K

  • Hybrid: Total Tuition Fee: AUD $12,000
  • Melbourne & Sydney

About the Course

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing – Australian Nursing Practice (GCAN-ANP) offered by IHM is a comprehensive postgraduate course designed to support overseas registered nurses in their journey to learn about Australian nursing practice. This specialised program has been carefully crafted to provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills required for successful integration into the Australian healthcare system.

The GCAN-ANP course is structured to equip students with a deep understanding of professional issues and policies in nursing (N9001) and Australian nursing practice (N8001). In addition, students will engage in professional reflection in Australian nursing practice (N8002) to enhance their critical thinking and self-evaluation abilities.

To make the course more accessible and flexible, we are excited to introduce a new hybrid mode of delivery. This innovative approach combines online and onsite components, allowing students to embark on their learning journey from anywhere in the world.

New GCAN ANP- Hybrid mode of delivery to help Overseas registered nurses in passing the OBA exam with a postgraduate nursing qualification:

Enrol in the course and begin Three online unit + Online NCLEX-RN Preparation (3 months)

Attend NCLEX-RN Exam from your home country

Obtain AHPRA letter to appear for OSCE exam at Adelaide Health Simulation Centre, Australia

Travel to Australia on a visitor visa, 90 days before your OSCE exam

8 weeks of OSCE preparation

Appear for the OSCE exam with a post graduate nursing qualification from Australia

After obtaining their nursing registration, IHM assists all students in finding employment.

You will be well-equipped to take the OBA exam and enter the workforce as a post-graduate nurse.

Join the course to achieve your dreams

Details about the Course

Course delivery structure:
  • Online Delivery of N9001 and NCLEX-RN exam preparation: To facilitate flexibility and convenience for students, we IHM offers the N9001 unit and Online NCLEX-RN Exam Preparation Course.
  • This course will equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills required to successfully pass the NCLEX-RN exam and gain extensive knowledge about Australian nursing practice. Allowing sufficient time for students to prepare for and pass the NCLEX-RN exam will enhance their chances of meeting the requirements for nursing registration in Australia.
  • On campus Delivery of Remaining Units: The remaining two units, N8001 and N8002, will be offered to students when they are physically present in Australia on a visitor visa. Students will be studying these two units as theory component along with the 8 weeks of OSCE preparation at IHM’s Nursing simulation labs which assist them to prepare for the OSCE exam as part of the registration process (OBA) at Adelaide Health Simulation Centre, Australia

This on campus delivery approach ensures that students have firsthand exposure to the Australian healthcare system and can apply their learning in a practical setting. It will also create opportunities for networking and interaction with local healthcare professionals.

  • AQF level 8
  • 26 weeks
  • Hybrid mode (Online + On campus combination)
  • TEQSA accreditation

To be eligible for admission to the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing – Australian Nursing Practice, an applicant is required to:

  • Have completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree a Post Bachelor’s degree in Nursing
  • Be an AHPRA registered nurse; or
  • Be a registered nurse with the Nurses’ Board/Council from the country of origin or place of residence

English Language Proficiency Entry Requirements has to be met by the student

English Language Proficiency Entry Requirements

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing – Australian Nursing Practice (GCAN-ANP) offered by IHM opens up a world of opportunities for nurses seeking to enhance their career prospects in Australia. By enrolling in this specialised program, you can expect a range of benefits and pathways to professional success.

  • Professional Qualification: The GCAN-ANP course equips you with a prestigious postgraduate nursing qualification recognized in Australia and beyond. This qualification demonstrates your commitment to professional development and positions you as a highly skilled nurse in the competitive healthcare industry.
  • Australian Nursing Registration: The GCAN-ANP course is designed as a complete solution for overseas nurses preparing for the Outcomes Based Assessment, which includes the NCLEX-RN exam and Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE). Through a combination of online learning, exam preparation, and practical onsite experience, you will be well-prepared to meet the challenges of these assessments and increase your chances of success.
  • Integration with the Australian Healthcare System: The onsite components of the course provide you with firsthand exposure to the Australian healthcare system. By participating in Australian Nursing Practice (N8001) and Professional Reflection in Australian Nursing Practice (N8002) in a local setting, you will gain valuable insights, develop cultural competence, and establish professional connections within the industry.
  • Enhanced Employability: With the GCAN-ANP qualification and Australian nursing registration, you will enhance your employability in the Australian nursing market. Employers value the knowledge, skills, and cultural competence acquired through this program, making you a sought-after candidate for a wide range of nursing positions.
  • Continued Professional Development: The GCAN-ANP course is just the beginning of your professional journey. Theknowledge and skills gained during this program lay a solid foundation for further career advancement and ongoing professional development opportunities. You can explore options such as pursuing higher degrees, you will get 1 semester full credit transfer to IHM’s Master of Nursing course, and only need to study 1.5 years more to gain Master of Nursing qualifcition.
Course Structure and Delivery

Three units constitute the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Australian Nursing Practice course. One core unit and two units of specialisation.

Unit Code

Unit Name

Credit Points

This course includes eight weeks OSCE in preparation for OBA registration testing in Australia.

Course Learning Outcomes (CLOs) are as follows:
  • CLO 1.Integrate knowledge of the healthcare system to critically analyse the impact of socio‐political issues and health policies on the scope of nursing practice.
  • CLO 2.Synthesise specialised nursing and pathophysiological knowledge when conducting nursing assessments in the provision of optimal specialised treatment and management of complex health conditions of patients.
  • CLO 3.Apply analytical and reflective skills in planning, prioritising and implementing person‐centred specialised nursing care in challenging and diverse clinical situations.
  • CLO 4.Demonstrate professional physical and cultural safety and capability when providing specialised person‐centred care to individuals from diverse backgrounds.
  • CLO 5.Apply expert professional judgement, accountability, and responsibility when providing optimal specialised person‐ centred nursing care.
  • CLO 6.Facilitate the empowerment of self and others, through positive and effective communication within a highly specialised, multicultural and multidisciplinary approach to safe practice.
  • CLO 7.Critically analyse legal, ethical, social, cultural and political dynamics impacting on specialised person‐centred nursing practice in a diverse and multicultural healthcare environment.
  • CLO 8.Appraise evidence‐based nursing research and knowledge to inform critical clinical decision‐ making when providing quality and safe specialised nursing care that will enhance health outcomes of health consumers.

Course Start Dates

Course Intake Course Start Date Course End Date Census Date Orientation Date
July 2024 01-07-2024 04-07-2025 19-07-2024 01-07-2024
September 2024 02-09-2024 05-09-2025 20-09-2024 02-09-2024
November 2024 04-11-2024 07-11-2025 22-11-2024 04-11-2024
January 2025 06-01-2025 13-06-2025 17-02-2025 06-01-2025
March 2025 03-03-2025 08-08-2025 14-04-2025 03-03-2025
May 2025 05-05-2025 10-10-2025 05-05-2025
July 2025 07-07-2025 12-12-2025 18-08-2025 07-07-2025
September 2025 01-09-2025 06-02-2026 13-10-2025 01-09-2025
November 2025 03-11-2025 10-04-2026 15-12-2025 03-11-2025
Total Tuition Fee: AUD $12,000
Administration (Non-Tuition) Fee :

**Only applicable to international students.

**AUD $250 (Non Refundable)
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Australian Nursing
Registration Process
Step 1
Self Check
Self Check

If you are an internationally qualified nurse or midwife (IQNM) who wishes to register in Australia, you will need to complete the Self-check before applying for registration. This is an online check where you will need to enter your qualification information into the Self-check. Based on your qualification you will be assigned to one of three streams for registration. The three streams are:

  • Stream A – IQNMs who hold a qualification considered to be substantially equivalent, or based on similar competencies, to an approved qualification
  • Stream B – IQNMs who hold a qualification that is relevant to the profession, but is not substantially equivalent, nor based on similar competencies to an approved qualification
  • Stream C – IQNMs who hold a qualification that is not substantially equivalent or relevant to an approved qualification
*There is no fee to use the Self-check.

IQNMs that do not hold a relevant qualification (under section 53 of the National Law) or do not meet the required assessment criteria will need to upgrade their qualification in Australia before being eligible to apply for registration.

Click here to know more!
IQNM Assessment Process
Step 2
IQNM Assessment Process
  • Those who successfully complete the self-check must proceed in the IQNM assessment process.
  • For IQNM assessment process students will need to pay a non-refundable assessment fee of $640 AUD.
  • This fee contributes towards AHPRA’s costs in checking IQNM documentation provided, and for the IQNM to undertake their orientation. This process may take upto 6 weeks.
Step 3
Orientation : Part A
Orientation : Part A

90 mins of video orientation and quiz based on that video.

Portfolio Stage
Step 4
Portfolio Stage

At this stage you will have to upload all the attested documents as required.

Step 5
NCLEX-RN (Multiple Choice Questions)
NCLEX-RN (Multiple Choice Questions)

Multiple choice questions exam, the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN) is an online test taken through Pearson VUE test centres in most countries.

Step 6
  • A clinical exam to assess whether candidates demonstrate the knowledge, skills and competence of a graduate-level nurse or midwife from an Australian NMBA-approved program of study.
  • The OSCE will simulate a clinical environment and “patient” scenarios which Registered Nurses are likely to encounter when they assess, plan, implement and evaluate care. Nurses are expected to utilise a contemporary evidence base and effectively demonstrate the safe practical application of nursing skills.
  • The fee for sitting the OSCE is $4,000 AUD. The OSCE fee replaces previous bridging program fees from private providers. This fee pays for AHPRA’s costs in running and maintaining the OSCE. AHPRA and the NMBA are funded only by fees, which must cover all costs of assessing IQNMs for registration in Australia.
Step 7
Orientation : Part B
Orientation : Part B

This e- learning module must be completed within the first 6 months of becoming a registered nurse in Australia.

For more Information

At IHM, we have dedicated admission staff members who are able to assist you throughout the process. It is highly recommended that you apply for this course by clicking the “apply now” button. You will be contacted by a member of the admissions staff, who will provide you with relevant assistance, such as guidance with the AHPRA registration process, guidance with the processing of visas, and orientation to Australian student life, as well as short courses to gain jobs while studying in Australia.

Eligible students from India can avail
loan options from ICICI Bank.

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