The School of Global Health

The School of Global Health is established to offer education, training, and advocacy to improve the Health and wellbeing of populations in the global context. We endower to achieve this in collaboration with local and global partners. Our focus is to promote Health and sustainable development by teaching, research, and promoting evidence-based interventions against significant health problems affecting low- and middle-income societies.

The school promotes and supports research networks and collaborations, sharing of knowledge, teaching, training, and professional development. The School of Global Health is committed to addressing all dimensions of health systems to promote equity and social justice.

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Aims of the School of Global Health

  • To promote, through teaching and research, the use of evidence and best public health practices
  • To enhance capacity in health policy development, program design, and implementation
  • To monitor and evaluate public health policies, programs, and initiatives
  • To Facilitate global collaboration and partnership to respond to global health issues, in particular those affecting the most vulnerable populations

Key areas of focus

  • Social and Structural Determinants of Health
  • Commercial Determinants of Health
  • Prevention and control of Infectious diseases
  • Prevention and control of non-communicable diseases
  • Maternal, child and reproductive Health
  • Health economics
  • Health promotion
  • Health and human rights
  • Environmental crisis and Health
  • Health and Sustainable Development
  • Human resources management for Health
  • Health policy development and Evaluation
  • Health inequity assessment
  • Public Health in emergencies
  • Health Communication
  • Digital Health
  • Migrant and refugee health
  • Global Health and Diplomacy
  • Collaborative Partnerships for Health

Courses to be offered

Subjected to the approval of TEQSA, the following courses will be progressively offered.

New Public Health (Microcredit courses)

Graduate Certificate in Global Health

Graduate Diploma in Global Health

Master of Public Health (MPH)

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

For details, please contact

Prof Joe Thomas

Head, School of Global Health

Institute of Health & Management

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