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As a wholly owned subsidiary of Health Careers International (HCI), Healthovation Pty Ltd is the result of HCI’s vision to establish its own research and innovation division to augment healthcare education and research activities across the globe.

At Healthovation, we focus on the core theme of research and innovation underpinned by four pillars TREP — Technology, Research, Entrepreneurship and Publication.

The Healthovation Story

As we sent graduates into the workforce, we witnessed cutting-edge innovations in the fields of HealthTech and MedTech —innovations that pushed the envelope and exceeded the realms of possibility. What was previously perceived as sci-fi became the actuality of our present world.

As we dreamt about all the ways that technology could revolutionise healthcare, we started thinking that dreams were just not enough. We set out to do all we can to translate these dreams to reality!

This was the start of Healthovation.

Healthovation has its core focus on research, development as well as the commercialisation of innovative technology that is designed to enhance the lives of students, professionals and clients in the healthcare sector. Some of our current projects include the use of robotic technology for in-home care, and the development of a nursing simulation eco-system.

With Healthovation, the thinkers behind HCI strive to do all they can to give back to our community, our world and ultimately, our planet. Leveraging the vast experience, industry know-how and best practices in the health care education sector, we wish to position Healthovation as the epitome of healthcare innovation in the true sense of the word!

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