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Introducing Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP) for Australian Dental Council (ADC) Written Examination Preparation Program

The Australian Dental Council examinations are designed exclusively to identify the world’s best-skilled dentists. The written examination is administered twice a year, in March and September, in collaboration with Pearson VUE test centers located throughout the world. Overseas registered dentists intending to practice dentistry in Australia must pass a written and practical examination, and IHM offers three distinct course options. Our experienced registered dentists who have successfully completed the ADC examination procedure to obtain registration have meticulously prepared these ADC written examination preparation courses, taking into account the needs and requirements of overseas graduates at various levels of ADC preparation.

What courses do we offer?


Frequently Asked Questions

The Institute of Health and Management’s ADC written examination preparation course is a 20-week online course with three-hour classes every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Melbourne / Sydney time. The course delivery time and duration have been carefully selected to fit the busy work schedules of practicing dentists worldwide.

To be eligible to apply for IHM’s ADC written examination preparation course you must:

  • Hold a minimum qualification(s) i.e, a bachelors degree in Dentistry. The minimum required qualifications vary between professions.
    • Dentists: must hold at least a four-year, full-time university dental degree, or diploma at an acknowledged university
  • To be eligible to apply for a written examination you must have successfully completed the initial assessment process

Dental practitioner assessment for registration

Overseas qualified dental practitioners wanting to register to practice with the DBA, who are required to complete the ADC assessment, must complete the three-stage assessment process.

Step 1. Initial assessment

A paper-based qualification and documentation assessment.

Step 2. Written examination

A multi-choice question examination of knowledge and the clinical application of knowledge.

Step 3. Practical examination

A two-day simulation-based examination assessing technical and clinical skills.

Candidates must successfully complete each stage of the assessment process before being eligible to apply for the next stage.

After successfully completing all the above steps, the candidate should get English test results and all other requirements advised by the Dental Board of Australia.

No, the candidate should get English test results and all other requirements advised by the Dental Board of Australia after completing all the ADC assessment steps.

Yes, our experts will gladly guide you through the ADC exam steps absolutely free. However, each application stage should be completed directly with ADC by the candidate.

The written examination is a two-day, computer-delivered, multiple-choice examination. The examination consists of 280 questions divided into four exams, each with 70 questions. Each paper will be given a two-hour time limit. On day one, two papers will be scheduled, and on day two, two papers will be scheduled.

For the written examination, the ADC uses scenario-based multiple-choice questions (MCQs). A scenario-based MCQ item is an overarching clinical vignette, with five multiple-choice questions attached. Each multiple-choice question has a single right answer and is linked to the facts included in the clinical vignette’s clinical case.

With 280 questions spread across four papers, each examination will contain 56 scenarios (clinical vignettes), each with five related questions.

To pass the written examination, you must achieve a pass in each of the four written examination clusters.

For each cluster, you will be provided with a grade:

  • Grades A and B indicate a Pass in the cluster
  • Grades C and D indicate a Fail in the cluster

  • Cluster 1 – Professionalism and Health promotion
  • Cluster 2 – Clinical information gathering
  • Cluster 3 – Diagnosis and management planning
  • Cluster 4 – Clinical treatment and evaluation

In a normal scenario, ADC will complete an initial evaluation in about two to three months provided all needed documents are submitted for verification.

Dentist Fee
Application for initial assessment of overseas qualified dental practitioner $610
Renewal of initial assessment of overseas qualified dental practitioner $250
Written examination $2,000
Practical examination $4,500

Yes, with IHM’s DCAP, course, you will receive all of the relevant resources for the ADC written examination. Our well-structured course design, which includes access to an online library, ensures that you have access to all of the relevant textbooks and reference resources for preparing for the ADC written exam.

The written examination is valid for a period of three years following successful completion.

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