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The gap between the knowledge generated in the education system and the skills demanded by healthcare employers and individuals is widening. Industry is seeking workers with broader skills and workers need to remain current in their skills and knowledge.

The short courses at Skilldemy have been carefully curated to help you not only succeed in your career but in life too!

We understand how life works in mysterious ways , and sometimes taking a big step can be challenging. Take a small yet significant step today to fulfil your dreams tomorrow!


What courses do we offer?

Short Courses

Short courses may be an option if you are wanting to study a unit out of personal interest or enrichment, or to complement an existing qualification.

Here are some of the short courses that you can choose:

Skill Set

You want to gain more skills to meet the current industry needs without having to pause your current life commitments?

Skill Set is the answer!

A Skill set is single unit of competency or a combination of units of competency from the Vocational education and training package which link to a licensing or regulatory requirement, or a defined industry need. Skill sets enable performance of job tasks or functions.

*these courses are delivered by IHM’s sister institution, Institute of Health and Nursing Australia (IHNA).

By comparison, whole qualifications produce learning outcomes that enable performance of a whole VET occupation. Skill sets have become recognised as an important short form of training for the modern world of work.

They are seen to have a variety of purposes, including upskilling, compliance, and licensing, meeting a defined industry need and as an entry pathway to further training. Skill sets and other forms of short course training also facilitate lifelong learning including upskilling and reskilling and in terms of meeting the skilling needs of industry.

Choose from one of the skill sets:

Micro – credentials

Our Micro-credential courses offer the opportunities to people who decide to further develop an expertise found in a specific industry. These are short, pocket friendly courses that give students an advanced affirmation or a ‘computerised identification’ as digital badges when completed.

The courses will be announced shortly. Should you have any questions, queries or suggestions please shoot us an email at

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