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What is the USI?

The USI, or Unique Student Identifier, is a vital government-issued code in the realm of Australian education and training. Think of it as your exclusive educational identity card. This unique code, assigned to you, accompanies every educational endeavour you undertake in Australia.

An important thing to note is that your USI stays with you throughout your educational journey. It grants you access to a comprehensive online record, known as the USI transcript, where all your nationally recognised training is neatly documented.

To know more, see the USI website

How Can You Create Your USI?

If you are in Australia, or are an Australian citizen here’s what you must do:

Step 1: Create your USI

You can create your USI on the Australian Government website below. You will need at least one valid form of identification.

Acceptable forms of communication include:

  • Australian passport
  • Australian Visa and non-Australian passport
  • Non-Australian Passport (New Zealand)
  • Australian birth certificate - please note: a birth certificate extract or commemorative birth certificate will not be accepted
  • Australian driver’s licence
  • Medicare card
  • certificate of registration by descent
  • Centrelink concession card
  • citizenship certificate
  • ImmiCard
  • Aviation-Maritime Security Identification Card

Important: The personal details you enter must match those shown on your identification.

Check here to know more.


  1. When setting up your USI, ensure consistency by using the exact personal information provided to IHM, avoiding any discrepancies.
  2. To cross-check your information with the Australian Government USI Office, visit their website and select the ‘Update Personal Details’ option. It’s crucial to use your legal name as stated on your passport or other identification documents.
  3. It’s important to note that you only require one USI. If you suspect that you have one from previous studies, you can search the USI website to confirm and provide it to IHM accordingly.
  4. You can visit this link to find your USI. If you are unable to find your USI, call the USI team for assistance on 1300 857 536 between 8:30am and 6:30pm (AEDT), Monday to Friday (excluding national and South Australian public holidays).

Step 2: Share your USI details with the education provider

Once you have your USI, you need to share it with IHM so it’s recorded on your student account. You need to provide it to your Student Support Office.

Share your USI with IHM

If you are outside Australia and are not a citizen, here’s what you must do:

You will need to arrive in Australia, go through customs and only then create a USI.

You don’t need to provide a USI if you meet these criteria:

  • You studied with an Australian education or training provider in Australia.
  • You didn’t use Commonwealth financial assistance for your studies.
  • You started your studies before 1 January 2023.
  • You completed your studies either partially or entirely within Australia, but you’re currently overseas and won’t be returning to Australia.

However, if you intend to come back to Australia before finishing your degree, you must create a USI and provide it to the University at that point.

If you started your course in 2022 or before and finished all your studies abroad, you are exempt from needing a USI.

However, if your course began in 2023 or later and you’re studying entirely overseas, you need to request a USI exemption through the Student Identifiers Registrar. Visit this link to know more and apply for the exemption.

According to the Higher Education Support Act 2003 (HESA Act), permanent visa holders and New Zealand citizens need to be physically present in Australia to qualify for a Commonwealth Support Place (CSP) or HECS-HELP. For detailed information, visit the Australian Government’s CSP page.

To secure your CSP, you must have a USI. However, you can only create a USI and begin your studies after arriving in Australia and clearing customs. If you won’t be able to reach Australia before your course begins, you must apply to postpone the start of your studies.

If you plan to arrive in Australia before your first census date but wish to enrol from overseas, please reach out to us via an inquiry so we can provide the necessary assistance.

Who Needs a USI?

Students who started their studies in 2021 or later and are receiving funding from the Australian Commonwealth must have a USI. This applies to several types of Commonwealth funding, including HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, OS-HELP, SA-HELP, Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP), Research Training Program (RTP) funding, and Australian Commonwealth grant-funded research scholarships like ARC and NHMRC funding.

Starting from January 1, 2023, students are required to create their USI before becoming eligible for graduation*. Please note that there might be earlier deadlines to ensure your USI is recorded before you complete your course.

*Exemptions: Offshore international students who commenced their studies in 2022 or earlier and won’t be returning to Australia are automatically exempt from the USI requirement.

When Should I Provide My USI?

New students starting their courses in 2022 or later will be asked to provide their USI during the initial course enrolment process.

For those who began their courses before 2022, IHM will send you an email at the appropriate time, requesting your USI. However, you have the option to provide it earlier if you prefer.

What Will Happen if I Don’t Provide My USI?

Ensuring you submit your USI by the specified deadline is crucial, as it’s a requirement mandated by the Australian government. Failure to comply can lead to severe consequences:

  1. New students, including domestic graduate researchers: You won’t be able to enrol and start your course.
  2. Domestic coursework students receiving Australian Commonwealth funding: Your enrolment will be cancelled after your earliest subject census date.
  3. All students and graduate researchers completing their course from January 1, 2023: Graduation will be put on hold until you provide your USI.
  4. Graduate researchers: There might be hindrances in submitting your thesis for examination.

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