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Student Support – Access, Accessibility and Equity

IHM follows and uses policies and procedures to ensure that students and staff are treated in a fair and equitable manner.

At IHM , we aim to

  • Create an educational environment at IHM free from discrimination and which recognises and promotes the equal opportunity of students with a disability
  • Ensure that IHM students with a disability are aware of their rights with respect to equal opportunity and access to education
  • Articulate an effective procedure for dealing with complaints relating to any failure to provide students with disabilities equal opportunity with respect to access to education at IHM
  • Ensure that students with a disability are given the greatest possible opportunity to participate in study and work
Support Services for Students with Special Needs

The Student Support and Disability Policies (Accessibility Policy and Access and Equity) assure a variety of services to assist students with special needs. Should a student, who has special needs, apply to participate in a course of study at IHM, reasonable steps will be taken to enable participation.

Reasonable steps may include:

  • The use of adaptive/assistive technology
  • Educational support
  • Alternative assessment methods
  • Extra time to complete a course or assessment task
  • Learning support for basic literacy or numeracy difficulties
  • Students intending to enrol for course with IHM are requested prior to enrolment to advise if they have any disability, physical or other impairment which may adversely affect their ability to successfully undertake training and assessment
  • The IHM enrolment form seeks self-disclosure of a disability
  • Students are encouraged to discuss any ‘special needs’ and/or ‘reasonable adjustments’ to the study environment that they consider necessary or would assist them in their studies to IHM admission consultants or staff
  • Admissions Team or delegate interviews domestic students either on campus or via Zoom/phone to discuss their course choice, background and any limiting factors or areas requiring special support
  • Students with disabilities who wish IHM to be provided with reasonable adjustments to the learning environment, including examination adjustments or require assistive technology (such as equipment or other physical aids), must disclose the nature and extent of their disability
  • IHM assesses each student based on the provision of appropriate medical documentation and an interview with the student
  • Documentation provided by students to support their disability must be dated and signed by the appropriate health or disability professional, and should be:
    • No more than two weeks old for temporary conditions
    • No more than six months old for fluctuating conditions
    • No more than three years old for a physical or mental/learning disability
  • The documentation provided should be specific and:
    • State the impairment, mental health or medical condition
    • Indicate whether the disability is permanent, temporary, or fluctuating
    • Outline the impact on the student
    • Recommend reasonable accommodations
    • Clearly identify the health professional and their credentials
    • Be legible, on a letterhead, dated and signed
  • On approval of the request for special adjustments, the formal notification is uploaded in the student management system and is accessible to all IHM staff to ensure the provision of the agreed and/or required adjustments during the course of study
Student Support Services
  • Where appropriate, Course Coordinators will assist academic staff in the development of individual arrangements and alternative methods of the assessments (example, oral examinations/presentation) to accommodate students with particular disabilities (example, hearing or hand/arm impairment). Scribe, reader, or practice assistance will be provided to students with vision impairment
  • Students with disabilities requiring any student support service can submit requests as needed to Student Services
  • Student administration staff will organize and schedule the requested service, including academic support, counselling and/or course advice with the help of relevant staff
  • Support and reasonable special arrangements within the scope of the support request will be provided.

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