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Improve Your Searches

Refine your search if you find too many or not enough results.

And, OR and NOT: Cobination of Key words to find more relevant information.

Are specific words used to combine key words to improve chances of finding relevant information. Most used are AND, OR and NOT.

To exclude words or Phrases from your search results, Type NOT before the word or Phrase you want to exclude.

Tips: Always type OR, AND, NOT in upper case. Otherwise, LibrarySearch will treat them as keywords.

Use parentheses () to group words you are searching.

For Example: Shakesspeare (Drama OR Poem).

Tips: With this parentheses librarySearch result will contains ‘Shakespeare’ and ‘Drama’, ‘Shakespeare’ and ‘Poem’, which shows the result contain all three words. Excepts parentheses this search will not work properly.

Wildcards are single characters that allow you to expand your search.

Usages of special charactors Like * and ?

Inserting an asterisk(*) wildcard to replace multiple characters in a word.

For Example: Nurs*

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