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IHM is committed to ensuring compliance to copyright legislation in all areas of the teaching and learning which relate to third party copyright materials. The purpose of this policy is to promote copyright compliance in both the academic and non-academic activities of the institution by ensuring that all students and staff are made aware of their obligations when using copyrighted materials in any format whether by copying, reproducing, communicating, recording, or performing. Assist IHM students and staff to make full legal use of the materials at their disposal and limit any risk to the institution associated with the use of copyrighted materials. This policy applies to all students and staff at IHM campuses and relates to all IHM approved or sponsored activities.

The copyright Act 1968 shall for the purposes of this document, be referred to as the Act. First party copyright materials created by IHM staff as part of their employment in which copyright has not been transferred or exclusively licensed to a third party.

Third party copyright materials includes both licensed and unlicensed third party copyright material. Licensed third party copyright materials is any copyright protected material for which the terms of use are governed by a license or other from of agreement. Unlicensed third party copyright materials is any copyright material not governed by an agreement between the copyright owner and the user. This includes material copied in support upon Part VA or VB of the Copyright act of 1968.

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