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A Limited Opportunity for 1000 Aspiring International Students

The Institute of Health & Management (IHM) proudly announces a tailored scholarship opportunity in response to the Australian government's updated entry criteria for international students. IHM is offering full scholarships for our English test preparation program, a crucial step for those seeking to master English proficiency and excel in global education.

In today's global education landscape, mastering English is more than just a requirement—it's a crucial skill that opens doors to successful academic career. IHM’s English test preparation program is designed to equip you with the language skills essential for meeting the new government criteria for international students.

Your Bridge to Australian Education

IHM’s English test preparation course is your bridge to meeting and exceeding the new entry criteria for studying in Australia. It's tailored not just for linguistic development but to instil confidence in international students, enabling them to thrive in an English-speaking academic environment.

Experience the IHM and E2 English collaboration Advantage!

In collaboration with E2 English, IHM brings you an exceptional English test preparation program. Whether you're preparing for the IELTS, PTE, or OET, our course is tailored to build your confidence and skillset, ensuring you meet the language requirements for studying in Australia.

What Does IHM's Scholarship Program Offer?

Limited Availability

This scholarship is available to the first 1000 students who complete and submit their application, inclusive of all necessary documents and certifications.

Conditional Offer Letter

Upon submission of the application, IHM will issue a conditional offer letter. This will grant students access to the IHM English test preparation course, a comprehensive 3-month online program.

Comprehensive Online Learning Access

Successful applicants will enjoy free access to our state-of-the-art online learning platform, facilitating their journey in English language mastery.

A Closer Look at IHM's English Test Preparation Course

Embark on a three-month learning journey with IHM and E2 English, featuring:

Extensive Access to Course Material and Classes

Dive into our rich online content and engage with expert-led live classes.

100% Original Study Resources

Explore our unique online study materials designed to cater to your language learning needs.

Live Online Classes with Expert Instructors

Gain invaluable insights and guidance from our experienced instructors.

Mock Tests with Personalised Feedback

Undertake mock tests that simulate real exam conditions, followed by personalised feedback to help you continuously improve.

Your Gateway to Global Education Opportunities

IHM’s scholarship for English test preparation is more than a course; it's a critical tool for international students to achieve the language proficiency needed for academic success in Australia. Our program not only prepares you for English proficiency tests but also equips you with the confidence to excel in an English-speaking academic environment.

Join IHM’s Community of Global Learners

We encourage every aspiring international student to apply for this scholarship. Be part of a community that’s focused on empowering students with the tools for academic success and global opportunities.

At IHM, we are committed to supporting your educational journey, helping you meet the rigorous demands of global education, and opening doors to a successful academic education.

Apply now to IHM's English test preparation program and step into a world of academic opportunities in Australia.

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