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Did you know that every year, researchers waste over 200,000 hours formatting citations? Imagine if you could reclaim that time to devote to your studies. EndNote 21 speeds up your research process, allowing you to focus on what really matters: conducting and sharing new research.

EndNote 21, the world’s leading reference management tool, assists you in saving time, staying organised, collaborating with colleagues, and, eventually, publishing. As a result, you can concentrate on what is most important: your ideas.

Accelerate your research

  • Look for references and PDFs in hundreds of internet resources.
  • Ensure your bibliography is accurate with refreshed journal and referencing styles.
  • With a single click, you can access full-text research articles
  • Use the cloud to access your research at any time and from any location. Switch between online, desktop, and iPad applications with ease.
  • Read, review, annotate, and search PDFs in your library with ease
  • Share some or all your library with collaborators worldwide.
  • Create rules to automatically organize references as you write.
  • Provide write or read-only access to your library
  • Keep your data accurate with automatic reference and link updating
  • Use the new Tabs feature for easier multitasking.
  • Quickly deduplicate the content in your library by searching on unique identifiers
  • Track your teammates’ changes and view their activity in your shared library
  • Insert in-text citations from your library with the Cite While You Write feature in Microsoft® Word
  • Match your paper with relevant, reputable journals using Manuscript Matcher
  • Automatically build your bibliography using the library of 7,000+ reference types or your own customized style
  • Conduct large-scale literature reviews with ease and speed using the powerful analysis tools

Installing EndNote

EndNote 21 can be used on Windows and Mac. For information on compatibility and system requirements, please visit our website

Please select the installer for your operating system.

For questions about EndNote, contact Customer Support

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