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Immunisation for Nurses

  • Delivery Mode: Online

  • Units: 04

  • Duration: 130 hrs theory, 10 hrs clinical placement (optional)

  • Intakes: TBA

About the Program

The Immunisation for Nurses is designed for Registered Nurses who are currently working in the Australian healthcare environment and are registered with the relevant National Board. The program is to assist Registered Nurses, who want to add to their existing body of knowledge and skills, potential to be effective immunizers.

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Details about the Program

  • Program Titles: Nurse Immunisation Program
  • Qualification code: IPN
  • Award: Non-Award
  • Accreditation: Health Education Services Australia (HESA – IHM immunisation is currently undertaking an assessment by HESA for accreditation, this process has not been concluded)
  • Duration: 130 hours of theory and 10 hours of clinical placement (optional)

    The program aims to produce highly skilled, competent, confident and critically thinking Registered nurses who can provide immunization to individuals in a manner that complies with national and relevant jurisdictional legislative frameworks.

    This program also aims to equip Registered nurses with the essential skills and knowledge to be an advocate for immunization and promote immunization uptake nationally.

  • Total theoretical hours: 130 hours
  • Total clinical placement hours: 10 hours (Optional)
  • Online
  • Clinical placement is 10 hours and optional
Formative assessments

Multiple choice questions are used as formative assessments at the end of each module and throughout the four units of the programme. Students will get two chances to complete the formative assessments.

Formative assessment is used to assist students to evaluate their learning, level of understanding of the unit. Following formative assessments, students will get feedback on whether they answered correctly or wrongly.

Summative Assessments

An online exam in the format of multiple-choice questions (comprising 20-25 questions) is the summative assessment for this unit. The highest score achieved will be the allocated mark. A minimum mark of 80% is required for a pass grade with maximum of three attempts.

Catch up schedule calculation assessment

Catch-up schedule calculation assessment as a comprehensive assessment. Students are required to work through four scenarios and complete the catch-up calculation and appointment visits. This assessment requires 100% correct for a Pass. Students must contact the academic support team if they need assistance in completing the assessment.

Unit Formative assessments Attempts Mark
1 NN001 Multiple choice questions Two attempts No mark
2 NN002 Multiple choice questions Two attempts No mark
3 NN003 Multiple choice questions Two attempts No mark
4 NN004 Multiple choice questions Two attempts No mark
Unit Summative Assessments Attempts Pass Mark
1 NN001 Multiple choice questions 20 Three attempts 80%
2 NN002 Multiple choice questions 20 Three attempts 80%
3 NN003 Multiple choice questions 20 Three attempts 80%
4 NN004 Multiple choice questions 25 Three attempts 80%
Catch up schedule calculation assessment
Students are required to work through four scenarios and complete the catch-up calculation and appointment visits.
Three attempts 100% correct for a Pass.
Submission of Assessments

All assessments should be submitted online via Canvas using student’s own username and password unless otherwise instructed by IHM staff.

Students are required to have completed the academic integrity module and complete the plagiarism declaration before they submit the assessments.

The students must successfully complete all 4 units and assessments to be eligible to receive the Certificate of Completion. Program attracts 130 hours of CPD upon successful completion of the program.

All the applicants are required to have:

  • Current registration with AHPRA as a Registered Nurse.
  • All health care professionals must follow State and Territory jurisdiction and guidelines. You are advised to check with your practicing authority to consider if this program is appropriate for you to apply in your desired clinical setting. Please refer to the jurisdictional conditions in the state / territory you practice in for further information regarding authorization as immunisers.

    *For further information regarding authorisation as an immuniser, please see the jurisdictional conditions of the state or territory in which you practice.

Additional Requirement for Clinical Placement (if opted)

  • A satisfactory National Police Clearance / Australian Federal Police Clearance Certificate (AFP) / NCC
  • Students must complete the immunisation history before the Clinical Placement start date as some facilities will not provide placement to student without immunisations.
  • Current Working with Children Check (WWCC)

In addition to the mandatory general requirements above, students, have further Covid 19 specific requirements that must be satisfied before clinical placement as follows:

  • Statutory Declaration if they have travelled overseas
  • COVID-19 declaration
  • Completion of the COVID-19 infection control online training offered by the Department of Health
  • Specific healthcare facility requirements such as hand hygiene certificate, Basic Life Support

Computer literacy and access to a computer and Wi-Fi in order to complete the program.

The Immunisation for nurses consist of four units that underpin immunization practice in both a global and local context. Students will complete 4 units in a sequential manner. Students will not progress to the next unit till the preceding unit is successfully completed.

UoS Code Title of UoS
NN001 The global and Australian context for Immunisation
NN002 The immune system and immunisation
NN003 The law, ethics and immunisation
NN004 Immunisation practice



Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Registered Nurses with current AHPRA registration number are strongly encouraged to enrol for the Program.

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