Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP) –
ADC Practical Examination

  • Comprehensive: AUD $8,500
  • *$1000 early bird scholarship available
  • Online

About the Course

As an overseas qualified dentist, you might be exploring taking your career overseas! Australia is a choice destination for dentists, with the demand for dentists continuing to rise across the country. To get registered for practice in Australia, you are required to clear the Australian Dental Council requirements for Australian registration while adapting to the dental care needs of Australia. This includes passing the ADC Practical examinations.

Designed by AHPRA registered dentists in Australia, DCAP – ADC practical course prepares overseas qualified dentists to clear the Australian Dental Council requirements for Australian registration while adapting to the dental care needs of Australia.

The course promotes an environment of critical enquiry, testing of ideas and expansion of knowledge to help overseas dentists to evolve into skilled, competent, confident, and safe dental practitioners in Australia. Through the DCAP practical examination you can build on your previous knowledge, skills, and life/ work experiences with additional knowledge about the healthcare system and current standards of dental practices in Australia.

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Details about the Course

  • 6 weeks/ 4 weeks/ 2 weeks/ 1 week
  • Online, On campus delivery
  • Packages: Communications OSCE, comprehensive OSCE, Technical Course, Refresher Course

To be eligible to apply for this course you must be an overseas qualified dentist.

Once you successfully complete the DCAP-ADC Practical Exam course, you’ll be well equipped to ace the Australian Dental Council (ADC) Practical Exam.

  • You will get feedback on your practice of taking dental history and communicating to the patient on multiple case scenarios (that ADC uses to assess you), from past ADC examiners and Australian registered dentists who have successfully passed the assessment
  • You will get feedback on your skills and practice of diagnosis and treatment plans for multiple dental case scenarios (that ADC uses to assess you), from past ADC examiners and Australian registered dentists who have successfully passed the assessment
  • You will get feedback on all major dental technical tasks performed on manikins and models based on all major dental case scenarios (that ADC uses to assess you), from past ADC examiners and Australian registered dentists who have successfully passed the ADC assessment
  • You will get plenty of opportunity to practice all required skills to help you time yourself for the ADC examination schedule and requirements and feel confident to face the examination

To be prepared for your career in Australia, make sure you review information about immigration, registration, and employment. You may also need to apply for a visa issued by the Australian Department of Home Affairs. Learn more about immigration and employment in Australia.

Graduates applying for a skilled visa in Australia require a certain minimum number of points. Check your current points, and call our admissions team to discuss any questions.

Australian Dental Council (ADC) Registration Process for Overseas Registered Dentists

The ADC process consists of 3 stages:

1: Initial Assessment

A paper-based qualification and documentation assessment.

The initial assessment process involves the assessment of documents including professional qualifications, work experience, registration history, and a good standing to determine eligibility to appear for the written examination.

Timeframe Approximately 8 weeks (not inclusive of the time taken to submit any additional document)
Cost AUD $610

To be eligible to apply for initial assessment applicants must:

  • hold a minimum qualification(s) at the required level that is comparable in duration and content to the nationally agreed minimal education standard for the relevant Australian dental profession, and
  • have held registration or license in either in their home country, or country of training, with no withdrawal of registration.

The minimum required qualifications vary between professions.

  • Dentists: must hold at least a four-year, full-time university dental degree, or diploma at an acknowledged university.

2: Written Examination

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) written examination for dentists is designed to test your knowledge of science and dentistry practice. This computer delivered examination will also assess reasoning skills along with the application of clinical judgement as per the dental practice in Australia.

The two-day examination is delivered by Pearson VUE on behalf of the ADC. Each computer-based examination consists of four papers each containing 80 scenario-based and single-best answer multiple choice questions. The examination is held in multiple locations in Australia and overseas.

Timeframe Approximately 5 months
Written examination application period  Approximately 3 to 4 months before the examination
Authorisation to test emails sent 8 weeks before examination
Pearson VUE bookings open 8 weeks before examination
Pearson VUE bookings close 5 weeks before examination
Notification of examination results 6 weeks after examination
Application for verifications and appeals close 28 days from notification of results
Cost AUD 2,000
Eligibility To be eligible to apply for a written examination you must have successfully completed the initial assessment process.

3: Practical Examination

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) practical examination offers a platform for you to demonstrate that you are competent to practise safely as a dentist in Australia. The practical examination will assess you across the range of the Entry-level competencies of the newly qualified dentist.

The two-day simulation-based examination will assess your technical and clinical skills. You must successfully complete each stage of the assessment process before being eligible to apply for the next stage.

Upon successful completion of the practical examination, you are eligible to apply for registration with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA).

Timeframe Approximately 6 to 9 months (Examinations are held most weeks of the year at the ADC examination centre).
Practical examination application period Approximately 3 months prior to examination
Notification of application receipt Within 2 weeks of receipt of application
Notification of allocated practical examination date Within 6 weeks of practical examination application period
Notification of examination results 6 weeks after examination
Cost AUD 4,500
Eligibility You are eligible to sit the practical examination within three years of successful completion of the ADC written examination.

For more information visit:

Communication OSCE: AUD $2,000.00
Comprehensive Course: AUD $8,500.00
Technical Course: AUD $3,750.00
Refresher Course: AUD $2,000.00
  • Application: Submit your online application by clicking “Enroll now” on the course page’s upper right corner.
  • Enrollment Fee: After completing your application, you will be taken to the payment gateway, where you can make your payment immediately.
  • Confirmation of Admission: Once you’ve paid the enrolment fee, we’ll give you a confirmation of admission along with the orientation package so you can get ready for classes.
  • World class laboratory facilities: IHM offers the technical part of the course in the custom made Simulation Lab. The skilled OSCE stations are equipped with dental chairs, manikins required for various skilled OSCEs like dental radiography, extractions, periodontal scaling, administration of local anesthetics, rubber dam, CPR and others.
  • Mock Exams: At IHM , we understand the value of constructive feedback and how it can help you. With our tailored Mock Exams you can prepare for the real exam better!
    • Duration: 2 days
    • Fee: $1000 per mock exam
    • Delivery: On Campus
    • Features:
      • Complete all 16 tasks
      • All materials provided
  • Experienced educators: AHPRA registered dentists who have cleared the ADC examination have curated this course and will be there to guide you every step of the way
  • Affordable fees: All out training packages are affordably created for you
  • Availability of practice materials and repeat opportunities at subsidised rate

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