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Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP) – Australian Dental Council (ADC) Comprehensive Program

  • Delivery Mode: Online

  • Units: 16

  • Course Duration: 20 Weeks

  • Online: AUD $1,750
  • Online

About the Course

If you’re an overseas dentist who wants to practice in Australia by passing the Australian Dental Council examination, this course is for you!

As the need for competent dentists grows in Australia, the Australian Dental Council has established an examination system for dentists whose qualifications do not fulfill the requirements for registration in Australia (ADC).

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) is the body that assesses foreign-trained dentists in order to allow them to practice in Australia. If a dentist has finished and passed a dental degree that included at least four years of full-time academic study at an ADC-recognized university and is registered as a dentist in

their country of training or practice, they are qualified to take the ADC test. This course was created by Australian dentists who are registered with the AHPRA. They designed this course in order to assist dentists who have had their training outside of Australia in obtaining registration in that country.

As a student in this exam preparatory course, you will have the opportunity to examine your reasoning and clinical judgment abilities in accordance with dental practice in Australia.

As a student, you will be able to easily integrate your prior knowledge, expertise, abilities, and life experiences with the current norms of practice in the Australian healthcare system. With an emphasis on critical thinking, you’ll learn how to become a professional, knowledgeable, confident, and critical-thinking registered dentist in Australia.

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Details about the Course

About the ADC Written examination (Part-1) preparation program

Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP) for the ADC written examination (Part-1) is an exam preparatory course that helps ADC candidates to enhance their professional knowledge and prepare for the Scenario-based Question (SBQ) exam, which is part of the ADC dentist assessment process to assesses overseas trained dentists’ knowledge, judgment, clinical skills, and professional competencies.

There will be an opportunity for International Dentists to study knowledge that is important for the evaluation and examination procedure approved for registration in Australia through this non-awarded ADC exam preparation program.

Their prior dentistry knowledge and skills, as well as life experiences, will be combined with new information on Australian healthcare systems in this course, and they will be given the chance to demonstrate that they “get” the Australian dental system by completing an assessment.

Additionally, the course aims to assist students in reading, interpreting, and understanding ADC examination questions. This is accomplished by teaching students to be ADC-savvy and to implement ADC techniques through a thorough grasp of Therapeutic Guidelines and Odell Case scenarios for clinical Dentistry in order to answer the most challenging analytical questions on the ADC written test.

Overall, the course encourages critical thinking, concept testing, and the production and growth of knowledge in dentistry in order to prepare students to be competent, confident, and safe registered dentists in Australia.

Course Structure

The course has been specifically designed and curated to be aligned as per the disciplines and subdisciplines that the candidates will be tested on the day of examination.

Each topic within the specific disciplines will be taught in addition to which informative resources and handbooks will be provided.

To be eligible to apply for IHM’s ADC written examination preparation course you must:

  • Hold a minimum qualification(s) i.e, a bachelors degree in Dentistry

The minimum required qualifications vary between professions.

Dentists: must hold at least a four-year, full-time university dental degree, or diploma at an acknowledged university.

To be eligible to apply for a written examination you must have successfully completed the initial assessment process.

After successfully completing the IHM’s ADC written examination preparation course, you will be well prepared to ace the Australian Dental Council’s (ADC) Written examination. The curriculum will offer you all you need to know about the Australian healthcare system and current standards of practice.

After passing the written examination, you may continue your study for the ADC practical examination by enrolling in IHM’s complete ADC practical examination preparation course at our Melbourne campus. For students who have passed the ADC written examination, we offer a four-week comprehensive ADC practical examination preparation course and an online communication OSCE preparation course.

Don’t worry, we’ll be there to help you through the process of obtaining your Australian dental practitioner registration and beyond.

Australian Dental Council (ADC) Registration Process for Overseas Registered Dentists

The ADC process consists of 3 stages:

1: Initial Assessment

The different steps included in this process are document assessment of educational documents, work experience, registration history, and a good standing to determine eligibility to appear for the written examination.

Timeframe Approximately 8 weeks (not inclusive of the time taken to submit any additional document)
Cost AUD $610

To be eligible to apply for initial assessment applicants must:

  • hold a minimum qualification(s) at the required level that is comparable in duration and content to the nationally agreed minimal education standard for the relevant Australian dental profession, and
  • have held registration or license in either in their home country, or country of training, with no withdrawal of registration.

The minimum required qualifications vary between professions.

  • Dentists: must hold at least a four-year, full-time university dental degree, or diploma at an acknowledged university.

2: Written Examination

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) written examination is a computer based designed to evaluate the knowledge of science and dentistry practice for dentist. This examination assesses overseas registered dentists the reasoning skills along with the application of clinical judgement according to the dental practice in Australia.

On behalf of ADC, the two-day examination is delivered by Pearson VUE. Exam pattern examination includes four papers each containing 80 scenario-based and single-best answer multiple choice questions. The examination is held in multiple locations in Australia and overseas.

Timeframe Approximately 5 months
Written examination application period  Approximately 3 to 4 months before the examination
Authorisation to test emails sent 8 weeks before examination
Pearson VUE bookings open 8 weeks before examination
Pearson VUE bookings close 5 weeks before examination
Notification of examination results 6 weeks after examination
Application for verifications and appeals close 28 days from notification of results
Cost AUD 2,000
Eligibility To be eligible to apply for a written examination you must have successfully completed the initial assessment process.

3: Practical Examination

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) practical examination is to demonstrate your Entry-level competencies as a newly qualified dentist to practise safely by as a dentist in Australia.

Practical exam is carried out in two days. The simulation-based examination assesses your technical and clinical skills and each stage has to be successfully completed to become eligible to apply for registration with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA).

Timeframe Approximately 6 to 9 months (Examinations are held most weeks of the year at the ADC examination centre).
Practical examination application period Approximately 3 months prior to examination
Notification of application receipt Within 2 weeks of receipt of application
Notification of allocated practical examination date Within 6 weeks of practical examination application period
Notification of examination results 6 weeks after examination
Cost AUD 4,500
Eligibility You are eligible to sit the practical examination within three years of successful completion of the ADC written examination.
  • Days of classes – Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  • Timing 7pm to 10 pm AEST
  • 20 Weeks
Tuition Fee : AUD $1,750.00

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Applicable for International (1 year fee) and full-fee students. Not applicable for funding students.

  • Application: Submit your online application by clicking “Enroll now” on the course page’s upper right corner.
  • Enrollment Fee: After completing your application, you will be taken to the payment gateway, where you can make your payment immediately.
  • Confirmation of Admission: Once you’ve paid the enrolment fee, we’ll give you a confirmation of admission along with the orientation package so you can get ready for classes.

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