Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP) –
ADC Practical Examination : Comprehensive Course

  • Delivery Mode: On Campus

  • Duration: 4 Weeks

  • No of Sessions / Day: 2 Sessions

  • Duration of each session: 3.5 hours

  • On Campus: AUD $8,500
  • *$1000 early bird scholarship available
  • Sydney, Perth & Melbourne

About the Course

IHM offers Comprehensive course ( 4 weeks) with an emphasis on preparation to sit the practical ADC examination and developing confidence in all aspects of dentistry. This course comprises of:

  • 2 weeks technical sessions that focus on preparation and restoration of teeth on the dental manikin
  • 1 week of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations ( Communication and Skilled OSCEs) with simulated patients and manikins in various clinical situations and other skills relevant to current practice of dentistry
  • 1 week of supervised practice sessions on technical tasks and OSCE tasks ( communication and skilled)

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Details about the Course

Technical Tasks

Demonstration of procedural skills on typodont. The tasks may include tooth preparation and /or restoration related to:

  • Conservation
  • Endodontics
  • Fixed Prosthodontics

Example tasks:

  • The restoration of a prepared tooth/teeth with resin composite
  • The restoration of a prepared tooth/teeth with amalgam
  • The preparation and/or temporisation of a tooth/teeth to receive an indirect restoration(s)
  • An endodontic procedure
  • The preparation of a carious tooth/teeth
Clinical tasks (Communication OSCE and Skilled OSCE)

Demonstration of clinical skills using a station based OSCE format.

Illustration of certain global skills outlined in the competencies may be assessed across multiple tasks, namely:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Professionalism and ethics (including cultural competence)
  • Scientific and clinical knowledge
  • Infection control

Example tasks:

  • Taking a history from a simulated patient
  • Explaining a diagnosis and management plan to a simulated patient
  • Establishing a risk profile for a simulated patient
  • Communicating a health promotion strategy to a simulated patient
  • Managing a medical emergency in a simulated environment
  • Taking intra-oral radiographs for a given clinical situation
  • Placing rubber dam for a given clinical situation
  • Designing a partial denture for a given clinical situation
  • Demonstration of all technical and clinical tasks
  • World class laboratory facilities: IHM offers the technical part of the course in the custom made Simulation Lab. The skilled OSCE stations are equipped with dental chairs, manikins required for various skilled OSCEs like dental radiography, extractions, periodontal scaling, administration of local anesthetics, rubber dam, CPR and others
  • Opportunities to present cases that resemble the real OSCE stations in ADC exam
  • Access to IHM Online library: Students may use the IHM Online library to search electronic databases, e-journals and other resources
  • Access to clinical scenario cases, notes, articles and materials
  • Odell case recordings by Registered Dentists in Australia (75 essential case scenarios)
  • Regular updates on exam changes
  • One on one consultation with our experienced educators
  • 2 complete sets of plain ivorine teeth, carious and endo teeth
  • Access to other materials during the practice hours
  • Materials’ used on loan include
    • Manikins with Columbia upper and lower models (for SimLab practice)
    • High speed and slow speed hand pieces and micro motor
    • Dental manikins for LA, extractions, radiographs and scaling /perio
    • One set of ADC instrument kit ( diagnostic and restorative hand instruments)
    • One set of ADC bur kit
    • Rubber dam kits, punch, and clamps
    • Radiographic holders (XCP, Kerr, XCP Ora, Kwik-bite, bite tabs)
    • Gracey curettes set
    • Surgical instruments
    • CPR manikin is provided by a certified trainer
    • Others as required
Delivery Mode On Campus
Course Duration 4 weeks
Number of sessions per day 2 Sessions
Duration of each session 3.5 hours

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