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Dental Career Advancement Program (DCAP) –
ADC Practical Examination : Comprehensive Course

  • Delivery Mode: On Campus

  • Duration: 4 Weeks

  • No of Sessions / Day: 2 Sessions

  • Duration of each session: 3.5 hours

  • On Campus: AUD $8,500
  • *$1000 early bird scholarship available
  • Melbourne, Online

About the Course

IHM offers Comprehensive course ( 4 weeks) with an emphasis on preparation to sit the practical ADC examination and developing confidence in all aspects of dentistry. This course comprises of:

  • 2 weeks technical sessions that focus on preparation and restoration of teeth on the dental manikin
  • 1 week of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations ( Communication and Skilled OSCEs) with simulated patients and manikins in various clinical situations and other skills relevant to current practice of dentistry
  • 1 week of supervised practice sessions on technical tasks and OSCE tasks ( communication and skilled)

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Details about the Course

Technical Tasks

Demonstration of procedural skills on typodont. The tasks may include tooth preparation and /or restoration related to:

  • Conservation
  • Endodontics
  • Fixed Prosthodontics

Example tasks:

  • The restoration of a prepared tooth/teeth with resin composite
  • The restoration of a prepared tooth/teeth with amalgam
  • The preparation and/or temporisation of a tooth/teeth to receive an indirect restoration(s)
  • An endodontic procedure
  • The preparation of a carious tooth/teeth
Clinical tasks (Communication OSCE and Skilled OSCE)

Demonstration of clinical skills using a station based OSCE format.

Illustration of certain global skills outlined in the competencies may be assessed across multiple tasks, namely:

  • Communication
  • Critical thinking
  • Professionalism and ethics (including cultural competence)
  • Scientific and clinical knowledge
  • Infection control

Example tasks:

  • Taking a history from a simulated patient
  • Explaining a diagnosis and management plan to a simulated patient
  • Establishing a risk profile for a simulated patient
  • Communicating a health promotion strategy to a simulated patient
  • Managing a medical emergency in a simulated environment
  • Taking intra-oral radiographs for a given clinical situation
  • Placing rubber dam for a given clinical situation
  • Designing a partial denture for a given clinical situation
  • Demonstration of all technical and clinical tasks
  • World class laboratory facilities: IHM offers the technical part of the course in the custom made Simulation Lab. The skilled OSCE stations are equipped with dental chairs, manikins required for various skilled OSCEs like dental radiography, extractions, periodontal scaling, administration of local anesthetics, rubber dam, CPR and others
  • Opportunities to present cases that resemble the real OSCE stations in ADC exam
  • Access to IHM Online library: Students may use the IHM Online library to search electronic databases, e-journals and other resources
  • Access to clinical scenario cases, notes, articles and materials
  • Odell case recordings by Registered Dentists in Australia (75 essential case scenarios)
  • Regular updates on exam changes
  • One on one consultation with our experienced educators
  • 2 complete sets of plain ivorine teeth, carious and endo teeth
  • Access to other materials during the practice hours
  • Materials’ used on loan include
    • Manikins with Columbia upper and lower models (for SimLab practice)
    • High speed and slow speed hand pieces and micro motor
    • Dental manikins for LA, extractions, radiographs and scaling /perio
    • One set of ADC instrument kit ( diagnostic and restorative hand instruments)
    • One set of ADC bur kit
    • Rubber dam kits, punch, and clamps
    • Radiographic holders (XCP, Kerr, XCP Ora, Kwik-bite, bite tabs)
    • Gracey curettes set
    • Surgical instruments
    • CPR manikin is provided by a certified trainer
    • Others as required
Delivery Mode On Campus
Course Duration 4 weeks
Number of sessions per day 2 Sessions
Duration of each session 3.5 hours
Australian Dental Council (ADC) Registration Process for Overseas Registered Dentists

The ADC process consists of 3 stages:

1: Initial Assessment

The different steps included in this process are document assessment of educational documents, work experience, registration history, and a good standing to determine eligibility to appear for the written examination.

Timeframe Approximately 8 weeks (not inclusive of the time taken to submit any additional document)
Cost AUD $610

To be eligible to apply for initial assessment applicants must:

  • hold a minimum qualification(s) at the required level that is comparable in duration and content to the nationally agreed minimal education standard for the relevant Australian dental profession, and
  • have held registration or license in either in their home country, or country of training, with no withdrawal of registration.

The minimum required qualifications vary between professions.

  • Dentists: must hold at least a four-year, full-time university dental degree, or diploma at an acknowledged university.

2: Written Examination

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) written examination is a computer based designed to evaluate the knowledge of science and dentistry practice for dentist. This examination assesses overseas registered dentists the reasoning skills along with the application of clinical judgement according to the dental practice in Australia.

On behalf of ADC, the two-day examination is delivered by Pearson VUE. Exam pattern examination includes four papers each containing 80 scenario-based and single-best answer multiple choice questions. The examination is held in multiple locations in Australia and overseas.

Timeframe Approximately 5 months
Written examination application period  Approximately 3 to 4 months before the examination
Authorisation to test emails sent 8 weeks before examination
Pearson VUE bookings open 8 weeks before examination
Pearson VUE bookings close 5 weeks before examination
Notification of examination results 6 weeks after examination
Application for verifications and appeals close 28 days from notification of results
Cost AUD 2,000
Eligibility To be eligible to apply for a written examination you must have successfully completed the initial assessment process.

3: Practical Examination

The Australian Dental Council (ADC) practical examination is to demonstrate your Entry-level competencies as a newly qualified dentist to practise safely by as a dentist in Australia.

Practical exam is carried out in two days. The simulation-based examination assesses your technical and clinical skills and each stage has to be successfully completed to become eligible to apply for registration with the Dental Board of Australia (DBA).

Timeframe Approximately 6 to 9 months (Examinations are held most weeks of the year at the ADC examination centre).
Practical examination application period Approximately 3 months prior to examination
Notification of application receipt Within 2 weeks of receipt of application
Notification of allocated practical examination date Within 6 weeks of practical examination application period
Notification of examination results 6 weeks after examination
Cost AUD 4,500
Eligibility You are eligible to sit the practical examination within three years of successful completion of the ADC written examination.
Comprehensive Course: AUD $8,500.00

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Applicable for International (1 year fee) and full-fee students. Not applicable for funding students.

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